Liberty Towel: A Solution to Patients Having Limited Mobility

Having good health is essential for all beings. The basic health routines that people have been told to follow since childhood are bathing regularly, brushing their teeth, washing their hands if they are dirty and such. These might seem like superficial things to follow but are really important for good health and hygiene.

Just like these daily health routines, there are other things that are also considered superficial. Not many realize the importance of using Liberty Towel and the benefits that it has. It is a new patented weighted bath towel to give those with limited mobility greater independence and freedom.

Who Can Use This Towel?

People who have challenges in mobility can make great use of this towel. Restriction in mobility is a great challenge and could curb privacy since the person would not be able to take care of themselves. Liberty Towel is a great solution for people who have limited mobility since they would not have to depend on anyone else to dry themselves off and could enjoy their privacy. The towel helps people with limited mobility to dry off their back, legs, feet, and toe. Moreover, the person would not have to bend or hurt themselves to reach these areas of the body.

Benefits of Using the Towel

The major benefit of using this towel is that even a person with restricted mobility would be able to bath and dry themselves in private without something intruding in their space due to their restrictions. The pain that comes with drying themselves is eradicated with the help of these towels. The towel is weighted and has handles which would help to fasten one portion of the towel to the body. This would stop the towel from slipping away and the towel will be wrapped around the body. This will prevent the person from straining themselves to reach the different portions of the body. People who suffer from arthritis, have had surgeries, are pregnant, are obese are said to benefit from this towel.

The Success of the Towel

The towel is said to be one of the best products for drying people who have restricted mobility. The flexibility and the material of the towel make it an appropriate product to help people with restricted mobility dry themselves off without having to endure pain. The weight of the towel is another very essential factor in the success of the towel.        

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