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Vertigo is one of the most common hearing aids in people today. It is an imbalance of the ear, eye and brain movements that causes about a difficulty in vision, loss of balance, dizziness, lightheadedness etc. Vestibular rehabilitation being one of the underlying causes of discomfort in eye, ear and brain is very difficult to detect with the normal tests.

Vertigo can be an occurrence due to many causes related to the brain, eye, ears or sometimes even cardio vascular diseases. In the narrow sense, it takes an expert from Audiologie Centre-Ouest clinique vertige to conduct some advanced tests and bring about an appropriate treatment.

Pre-screening of Vertigo

It is difficult to establish if a person is undergoing vertigo. And as such it takes a lot of care and understanding for one to evaluate its causes too. And so even after your several attempts to figure out the rampant dizziness, blurred vision and hearing problems, it takes a specialist to evaluate the cause of the symptoms. Vertigo is a disorder of the ears that impacts the brain and the vision alike. And so consulting only the experts will bring you closer to getting a screening done. These screenings are a series of tests conducted by the audiologists to have a detailed understanding of hearing and brain disorders.

Treatments and assessments

A number of services are offered by the doctors to evaluate, assess and treat underlying causes of vertigo. Right from the starting of medicines which saves from the effects of the disease in regular life to finding out the underlying causes, there are devised treatments for the patients. Doctors conduct tests like assessment and rehabilitation of vertigo, hearing assessment, balance problem tests and more. Each of the test are conducted by experts to report on the true picture and find out available treatments.

Therapies and prevention programs

When it comes to hearing or balance disorders, it is not just enough to treat the diseases but also the effects of it. Disorders like vertigo and balance problems can harm people’s confidence levels, their habits and body functioning. And therefore due care has to be taken for providing therapies and prevention for any further ailments. As a result some audiologists provide for pre and post hearing assessments, social audiology services, screening and prevention programs as well as adjustment and therapy sessions on hearing problems.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of vertigo and haven’t really known how to start with a treatment, approach the right audiologist for your best care!


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